Referring a Patient

What to refer

We accept referrals for diagnosis and treatment of all periodontal problems. This includes treatment of periodontitis and periodontal regeneration, as well as mucogingival surgery including tissue grafting to treat recession and crown lengthening surgery. We are also happy to help in overall treatment planning (consultation only) or by providing a second opinion.

We also accept patients referred for provision of dental implants, for provision of pre-implant augmentations including sinus floor elevation and ridge augmentation. We are happy to see patients for management of peri-implant diseases such as peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis as well as for soft tissue grafting around implants.

You can download a referral form here, or call us on 21237529 to ask for a referral form pad.


Working alongside you, strengthening your relationship with your patient

We aim to work closely with our referring dentists, providing the patient with the required service in a professional and timely manner. We aim to provide reports of consultations and follow-up reviews to keep the referring dentist up to date with their patient’s progress. In the course of managing a referred patient, we may identify items of treatment that fall under the remit of their general dentist, which we will identify in reports. Patients are actively encouraged to maintain their oral health to the highest possible standards and this reinforces their relationship with their general dentist. We ask that the referring dentist continues to provide all the patient’s general dental treatments, even concurrently with our own work. Where the patient’s treatment needs are complex we work hand in hand with our referring dentists so that they carry out the elements of their patient’s treatment which they are comfortable with, allowing us to focus on the elements which demand specialist attention.


Accessible and friendly

If it is a word of advice about a particular procedure, or a complex case you wish to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch. E-mail is the best way to communicate but we welcome letters and phone calls too!

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