Elizabeth Martinelli and Edward Sammut to speak in live webinar

curaden screenshotThe Curaden Academy, a prestigious provider of online educational content for dentists, hygienists, therapists and nurses has invited Elizabeth Martinelli and Edward Sammut to deliver a live webinar this April. The Curaden Academy is associated with the Dental Tribune, an international newspaper for dentists, and their webinars form part of the Dental Tribune Study Club. The webinar, titled Back to Basics in Periodontal Treatment will cover concepts of successful cause-related management of periodontitis and should also help the whole team develop a unified approach in the management of this common disease.

The webinar will start by covering basic aspects of periodontal disease aetiology which have relevance to the treatment, and mention briefly the diagnosis element. The core of the lecture will cover the initial behavioural changes and non-surgical therapy methods. To conclude, we will discuss re-evaluation, further treatment and long-term maintenance concepts for periodontal disease management.

Registration for the webinar is on the Curaden Academy Website at http://www.curadenacademy.com/dental-webinars/back-to-basics-in-periodontal-treatment/

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