Edward Speaking at Aberdeen ITI Study Club


peri-implantEdward will be delivering a guest lecture as an external speaker at the ITI study club in Aberdeen on 30th May 2013.  He will be talking about one of his favourite topics – peri-implantitis – that is the gum disease process causing bone loss and infection around dental implants which can ultimately lead to implant loss. Peri-implantitis is a steadily increasing problem as more and more patients replace missing teeth with dental implants. Putting it simply, as there are more implants out there, the chances of some of them going wrong are much greater. Periodontists are ideally suited to manage problems around implants because in some respects the knowledge and training required to manage gum problems around teeth can be used to manage gum problems around implants.

Edward’s lecture will cover:

1. Definitions of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.
2. Clinical features and diagnosis of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantiitis.
3. Protocols for follow-up, soft tissue examination and supportive maintenance for implant patients.
4. Risk factors and epidemiology of peri-implant disease.
5. Management of peri-implant disease and the available evidence to guide therapy.

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