Edward Speaking at American Dental Society of London


Edward will be giving a talk titled “Periodontal practice in 10 years time” at the October meeting of the American Dental Society of London to be held on 18th October 2012

American Dental Society of London LogoThe widespread use of dental implants has led to the emergence of a new spectrum of soft tissue conditions around dental implants. In this presentation he will aim to predict how the understanding of peri-implant disease will lead to changes in the practice of periodontology. The talk will describe peri-implant soft tissue conditions and their management, outline the epidemiology as well as the aetiological risk factors for these and extrapolate current trends and predict how this will influence practice in the future.

The American Dental Society of London is an association of dental graduates who have studied in the USA or Canada, and is instituted for the study and discussion of dentistry and it’s allied arts and sciences. We have regular meetings, which are continuing education accredited, including dinners and discussions on a wide range of topics, with guest speakers and there is also an annual social event. A close relationship is also maintained with the American Dental Society of Europe. The American Dental Society of London has an annual programme of academic meetings for the members, to which non members of the society may attend meetings as guests of members.


  1. Great topic, looking forward to the lecture – how can I get a ticket? Sonia

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